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In October 2013 we were contracted by the fantastic team at Trumen Corp to create a range of media for their newest commercial development: transforming 3 dilapidated and long abandoned woolsheds into beautifully restored flexible, creative workspaces.  We immediately recognised this as a great opportunity to flex our creative and technical muscles.  

Print Media

The first stage of the project was to create 7 high resolution print images, including a 3m on-site hoarding.   We worked closely with the creative team at Moffit.Moffit who had already completed the website and brochure layout, which provided a great template for us to work towards to ensure that the print media and animation would be a cohesive fit with the rest of the brand identity.   


The animation component began with us taking a broad brief from the client and the creative agency – essentially to create a 2minute movie of a visitor’s experience of the development.  We were then responsible for everything from fleshing out the story board & creating the initial camera animatic, all the way through to interior design of the spaces, site photography,  motion graphic design & execution, 3d production, rendering, post production, final edit and music sourcing, selection and mix.

With only 3 weeks to turn around the animated component, time was of the essence.  Having already completed the still images to such a high level of detail put us in a really good position for the animation as for the majority of the shots it was then – at a high level - just a matter of running cameras through the spaces.

Even with this head start, 2 minutes of animation combined with motion graphics in such a short timeline is a tall feat for any small-mid sized Arch Viz firm.  To ensure minimal turnaround times and therefore maximum creative control - we made use of an online rendering solution which enabled us to turn around each of the 20+ sequences in hours not days.

Besides creative and technical concerns, we were also responsible for liaising, collating and ultimately managing resources from a wide range of sources including architects, advertising agency, photographers, motion graphics team, landscape architects, audio production company etc.

The entire project was turned around on time and budget in under 7 weeks, and most importantly the client - Trumen Property Group - is delighted with the results:  

"Finding Mogamma was like striking gold. Peter, his exceptional attention to detail, outstanding technical abilities and natural creative flair really brought The Woolstores Alexandria to life via still render images that took pride of place in our brochure & animation work that resulted in a fly through we couldn't be happier with. Peter not only executed on brief but took the lead to ensure the potential & presence this project has was unquestionable when our prospects viewed the end results. There's no question that Trumen Corp. will be working with Mogamma again in the near future"

Marnie Withers, Marketing Manager

Trumen Corp