We're excited to present our most recent animated work - The Woolstores, Alexandria.  In late October 2013 we were contracted by the fantastic team at Trumen Corp to create a range of media for their newest commercial development: transforming 3 dilapidated and long abandoned woolsheds into beautifully restored flexible, creative workspaces.  We immediately recognised this as a great opportunity to flex our creative and technical muscles...  more

(m)O-pera House

Being based in Sydney, it was only a matter of time until we had a crack at the Opera House. Our twist on it was to create a photorealistic model of the Opera House but replace the actual diamond shaped tiles with a bit of mogamma branding - have a close look at the last image in the sequence.  

Originally intended as a 'quick' hero image for the portfolio. However, a bit of research led to more and more reading into what is a fascinating building. Modelling and matching  the complex curved geometry it in 3d was challenging enough, building the actual thing, in the real world, at full scale, in the 60's, with no help from CAD... I have even more respect for Jørn Utzon and his teams feat.

Besides the Architecture itself, I also drew inspiration from the photography of a number of artists including Matt Lauder, Michael Lees & Iyla Genkin.

Masterplanning & Public Realm

We've come up with some cutting edge workflows to quickly and efficiently communicate your masterplanning visions.

We've come up with some cutting edge workflows to quickly and efficiently communicate your masterplanning visions.

Corporate Exteriors

Disclaimer - Creative Threshold 02.jpg

The top two images were done on behalf of our friends at Creative Threshold for a mixed-use development in Malaysia.  The bottom image is based on the Yale University Art Gallery. Extra points if you can spot the Mogamma space invader.

7 Macquarie St - AMP Capital

This job was completed in 2 weeks and consisted of 5 images of a new commercial fitout for online marketing distribution.

Corporate atrium | Dusk Till Dawn

Using the Commonwealth Bank building in Homebush, Sydney as reference.

Visual Impact Studies & Photomontages

A photomontage job we did for the addition of 6 office levels to an existing inner Sydney building.

Kippax St - Exterior Photomontage - completed in one working day!

Residential Interiors

The Mogamma beach pad... one day.

Based on a Bathroom design by Carola Vannini.  A very simple design but some considered lighting, attention to materiality, and a bit of fun with the personalising of the space go a long way.

Corporate Amenities

We've recently been contracted by the talented people at GrayPuksand Architects to create a series of images across a number of projects to sell design concepts to clients.  Visualisation as a design tool is often a fun process as we tend to be working from a loose sketch and a few reference images at best.  It really helps to have a good understanding and communication with the designers involved to ensure the design intent is captured and expressed as quickly and elegantly as possible.  When we have a bit of time we'll put together a little 'Making Of' to show how each of these images went from rough sketch to polished image in one working day.