Mogamma was launched by Peter Letten in January 2013 with the intention of carving out a niche in Sydney and beyond for high-end emotive 3d architectural & interior design visualization media.  As a solo-artist Peter offers a fairly unique mix of technical know-how, creative flair, extensive industry experience, project & team management skills, professionalism and enthusiasm - that together enable him to offer a very well balanced, efficient and high quality service, as well as very competitive prices.

Through 12 years of industry experience and networking Peter has access to a fantastic team of fellow artists who can be brought in at short notice when deadlines are tight.  So regardless of the job size, Mogamma is poised to deliver oustanding results on time and on budget.


Peter has over 10 years experience in the industry, successfully running his own business in Cape Town for 3 years, and then working as a Senior Artist, Team and Project lead at a leading Arch Viz firm in Sydney for 7 years.  

He's worked across the full scope of Architectural Visualisation from small residential portraits to huge commercial and government projects.  And in all forms of media from traditional print stills for marketing, competition and DA, to full DVD presentations (including full edits cut with live footage, soundtrack and narration), interactive web design, kiosk design, billboard hoardings and more.

Having had the fortune to live and work in the UK, South Africa and Australia, Peter has had the opportunity to meet many talented people along the way and Mogamma is able to extend its services through these networking opportunities; From Sound Design in Cape Town, Web Design in the UK to Graphic Design & Photo Retouching in Vietnam, Mogamma is poised to offer a wide and bespoke set of services depending on Project and client requirements.

...& Future

Architectural Visualisation has grown and matured exponentially in the last 10 years, along with our clients understanding and expectations.

Happily, gone are the days when anyone with a basic knowledge of the 3d software could impress a client.  Technical know-how - even technical mastery - is no longer enough.  Artistic vision, creative exploration, conceptual interpretation, information and project management are now all essential skills required to prosper in this industry.

In tandom with the ever growing client expectations is the steady stream of technological advancement. Things that took days a few years ago can now be done in hours.  10 years ago organic forms like plants and trees were near impossible to achieve convincingly in 3d.  Now it can be hard to tell whether these elements are 3d or photographic.  Wind and water effects, animated sun light, time-lapse clouds, lens flares... all these things are now available to the 3d artist as the gap between Arch Viz and feature film production narrows.  

Operating in this 3d realm, it is not only enough to stay up to date with these ever evolving softwares, but to also maintain a creative and artistic ability to wield these tools to achieve the best results.  Buzzwords such as Augmented reality and RealTime rendering, once the stuff of fantasy are now on the threshold of becoming embraced by the mainstream industry as another tool in the  Arch Viz quiver.

For Mogamma it is exciting times as we feel we are more than up to the challenge.  As the cream rises to the top, and a lot of the less equipped Arch Viz businesses fall by the side, we are looking forward to carving out a niche for ourselves in the Australian and International Arch Viz field.