Projects /  [mo]pera house


Being based in Sydney, it was only a matter of time until we had a crack at the Opera House.

Our twist on it was to create a photorealistic model of the Opera House but replace the actual diamond shaped tiles with a bit of mogamma branding - have a close look at the last image in the sequence.  


Originally intended as a 'quick' hero image for the portfolio. However, a bit of research led to more and more reading into what is a fascinating building. Modelling and matching  the complex curved geometry  in 3d was challenging enough, building it in the real world, at full scale, in the 60's, with no help from CAD... its difficult to comprehend how Jørn Utzon and his team managed it.

Besides the Architecture itself, we also drew inspiration from the photography of a number of artists including Matt Lauder, Michael Lees & Iyla Genkin.