Floor-plans are something that any prospective buyer is going to be very interested in.  After a day of viewing a number of houses, it is often the floor-plan that will be the focus of potential home-buyers when weighing up and discussing the options.  They can act as a blank canvas onto which a buyer can project their dream home.  Whilst a visit and photos give an emotional response, the floor-plans are where a buyer can think about the more practical but essential aspects of a new home: space, number of rooms, flow of the living areas etc.  Given that a buyer can spend so much time with this one piece of media it is important to not dismiss its selling power and importance.  For the same price as a standard black and white plan, we can provide a 3d rendered plan view with lighting and textures, giving the buyer a more absorbing and immediatley informative understanding of a property.

Of course, we are more than capable of an even more emotive style.  Depending on the property and target market we can produce a variety of different floor plans from standard plan view, to top down with perspective, to a fully three dimensional 3/4 cutaway view.

Additionally, our Graphics team can also work with your branding to tie into your website or brochure.  Picking up colour schemes and branding in the presentation of the floor-plans, and customised icons and fonts.

We can provide the full service from arranging a site visit, site and property photography, room measurements and collating and presenting the media in its best light.

For any queries please dont hesitate to get in touch.