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This page is dedicated to our design resolution jobs - where typically an architect or interior designer will employ us as a direct part of their design process.  It enables them to explore and refine various design solutions quickly and with the highest degree of accuracy. 

Visualisation as a design tool is often a fun process as we tend to be working from a loose sketch and a few reference images at best.  

It really helps to have a good understanding and communication with the designers involved to ensure the design intent is captured and expressed as quickly and elegantly as possible.  When we have a bit of time we'll put together a little 'Making Of' to show how each of these images went from rough sketch to polished image in one working day.

Epping Rd

The architects Gray Puksand utilised our services intermittently over a few weeks to explore different designs for a proposed lobby cafe for some new offices in Sydney CBD.

 The goal here was to quickly get a feel for the different design treatments.  

Each of these revisions was turned around in a few hours.  These images were used both internally and for presenting to clients.  

388 George St

Another design viz job for Gray Puksand.  In this case the design phase was more progressed - the team was able to provide us with two different material schedules and then asked us to visualise both so they could do a direct comparison and present to their client.