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This was a collaboration with Wentworth Equities & Custance Architects, two companies with whom we've developed great ongoing relationships.

There were two interesting components in this project for us;

One half of the development was already standing in the form of a heritage building.  Its current state of disrepair and scaffolding meant we could not use site photography, so we decided the best solution would be achieved by recreating the building in 3D.  It was a fun challenge to capture the essence and detail of the existing building.

Another key element, as outlined in the client brief, was to successfully convey the luxurious and sophisticated finishes and features of the apartment interiors, all at various times of day.  We focused on the most unique aspects of the development including renders of the private lift lobby, the wine cellar, and media room.

This project also presented us the opportunity to work with branding and design agency Brand&Co, who took care of the branding for all aspects of the development including the 100 Balmain website, onsite billboards of 6mx3m as well as double spread glossy A3 brochures - all of which use our imagery as the main graphic component.

Mogamma is currently in talks on two new projects with Brand & Co which we hope to kick off soon.